Bloggers United Malaysia Gathering 2007 – Embrace & Engage is a social and networking gathering with a preliminary brainstorming session between the 4th and 5th estates to embrace and engage the blogging phenomenon in Malaysia.

This is NOT a Bloggers United initiative. Our initiative was from a group of bloggers acting on a concerted one-off event to mark World Press Freedom Day which starts on 3 May and ends on May 20, 2007. So if some other group/s would be inspired to put one up next year to make this an annual do, we say yeay!

We, the organising committee would like to thank one and all for their participation. We hope to see you there! :)


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  1. May I suggest that you extend the invitation to the top 2 in the country currently, namely the PM and DPM? Or at least Minister of Energy, Water and Communication/

  2. And they’ll bring a bunch of SB to crash the party!

  3. They have to pay 2X, y’know Coz those SB flers are HUGE and will leave no karipaps uneaten nor fried beehoon unconsumed!

  4. For an article in a German newspaper about weblogs in Malaysia, I would like to know how many participants do you expect. Kindly reply to me by email or please send to me a notification in case you publish this information on your site within the next two days. Thank you very much!

  5. Hi Alexander H — thanks for your interest.
    We are planning for about 100-110 people to attend.
    Keep us posted on ytour article. Post May 19, 2007, you can expect many Malaysian bloggers to write about the event. Meanwhile, you can Email howsyh@gmail.com for further information.
    Regards, YL, Desi (Chair)

  6. heyya
    i wish i could be there..

  7. to share what u have

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