Uh, who are you guys?
The organising committee consist of chief whip Howsy, deputy whip Desiderata, crazy whip Freelunch2020 and whiplets Lucia Lai, Nat Tan, politikus and Mob1900.

Okay. So why organise such an event?
We thought it should not merely be a regular mee rebus gathering or limited to only a certain few that could attend; but should be an event for us to commemorate and reflect on for all bloggers (and their readers interested of attending) who care about the socio-political happenings of the country.

Great. What’s the event going to be like?
First, you register and find a seat. We will then have a brainstorming session and a forum; with guest speakers giving talks, followed by anyone on the floor voicing their opinions freely. It would not be long, perhaps 2 hours or so. This would then be followed by with dinner of course, and even a party session afterwards!

And how much do I have to pay?
RM30 pax, and this price already includes the buffet dinner (special rate of full menu), and other forum facilities offered at a discount. Desiderata is also negotiating a discount for drinks from the bar for those who are not ‘soft’ :)

What’s up with holding this in Lake View Club?
Although offers have been made for it to be held at the National Press Centre, The Bar Council or The Selangor Assembly Hall, these places do not serve food as far as I know (correct me if I’m wrong). Some of us would also shy away if they know this event is to be held at such a high profile place. Our regular journalist/blogger, Desiderata has already offered to get a place at the Lakeview Club Malaysia in Subang Jaya where halal buffet is served there and full conference facilities are available there (plus he could get a better offer there, hopefully).

Buffet? Yum. What’s on offer?
Buffet spread at Restoran Kampung Ku (halal) includes: Curry chicken with potato / Thai style chicken, Asam stingray / sweet and sour fish slices, fried egg foo yong / sambal egg, fried spring roll / fried sotong ball, curry vegetables / mixed vegetables, crab meat tofu / mince meat tofu, fried mee hoon, fried rice, mixed fruits and orange cordial.

Wait a sec. Are you guys affiliated with Bloggers United or have anything to do with the whole NSTP vs Jeff and Rocky pow-wow?
It’s NOT a Bloggers United initiative. Our initiative was from a group of bloggers acting on a concerted one-off event to mark World Press Freedom Day which starts on 3 May and ends on May 20, 2007. So if some other group/s would be inspired to put one up next year to make this an annual do, we say yeay! We have generals Sheih Kickdefella and Susan Loone’s blessings though :)

* * *

We have ran out of questions to ask ourselves. lol. If you have any general inquiries, pop them into the commenting box below and we’ll post them up here as they come in.


* * *

How do I get there?


You can also Wikimapia it!

What’s this 4th and 5th estate business?
From our understanding, the estates of the realm are the institutions needed to run a country and each estates checks and balances the other.

The 1st Estate is the Executive, the 2nd Estate is the Legislature, the 3rd Estate is the Judiciary and the 4th Estate is the Media. It is now being said that the 5th Estate is the Blogosphere.

What are my (public) transport options?
Well, the most convenient way to get to Lake View Club is by KTM Komuter. If you hopped on from KL Sentral, just buy the ticket from KL Sentral to Subang Jaya, it costs you RM 1.60 for single trip.

The KTM commutor operate at 20 minutes interval. From Subang Jaya station (just near to Carrefour and Subang Parade shopping mall) to Lake View Club is about 700 metre walk. If you are health conscious, you can walk to LVC. If not, pay RM 1.00 to board a commuter bus which is en route to Sunway Pyramid or USJ, drop down at Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC) bus stop, walk toward Sheraton Hotel. LVC is just behind the hotel.

The last train from Subang Jaya to KL Sentral is 11:00pm. Make sure you don’t miss it. Well, if ever you missed it, taxi to KL only costs you RM 15 ~ 20.00.

For more info on KTM, pls surf the KTMB site or call 03 – 2267 1200 for customer service.


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  1. A “how do I get there?” would be very helpful. :)

  2. I hold strong socio-political opinions in my head but do not openly express them in my blogs. However, I do hold a strong desire to observe and learn from others (one of the main criteria for being a blogger – being observant!), so urm…can I come??? I mean, will I be forced to stand in one corner, shamefaced, if I can’t indulge in the usual political mental gymnastics other politically-inclined bloggers would love to throw themselves in?

  3. addy, you are most welcome. this gathering is not for SOPO bloggers only for any type of bloggers – lifestyle, medical, even diarists. it’s more for fun and fellowship of bloggers get-together.

    it’s only at the first part we have a forum, after that it is all fun as we eat, drink and be merry! oh… and get to know one another. i’m sure many SOPO bloggers would prefer not to indulge in political mental gymnastics that day.

    so come on addy, do sign up ya!

  4. Congrats for the brilliant idea.

    Btw, Is it open to all Malaysian or just bloggers?I’m just a commentator and if the schedule permits, i would like to attend.

  5. Come lar, as long as you leave your motor at home, Mat Rempit Hubris. :)

  6. God willing, I will be there. It’s time for us to forge a strong alliance of Malaysian Bloggers.

    Let’s all show up to show that despite our difference of opinions and leanings, we are all united for the sake of ensuring the Freedom of Blogging to share information about anything that’s important for the nation to know!

    Bloggers Unite!

  7. hi mahaguru

    yes i hope you would be able to make it. indeed although bloggers might share different views and maybe even ‘gaduh-gaduh’ in their blogs, we should all unite and come together in solidarity – to show the authorities that we are a force to be reckon with.

  8. Can I come too? I’m a student. And I blog.

    Thank you.

  9. sure you can come, neve. anyone are welcome! please see the ‘payment’ page to find out how to make payment. thanks for your interest.

  10. Need another photographer?

  11. rikey, we don’t even have an official photographer now. if none of the committee members wants to be the official photographer during the gathering day, then you can be one! however, must speak to the chair first lah. i’m only a whiplet… can’t made decision. :)

  12. Rikey: Thanks for your interest; wrt “photographer”, any paying attendee at the Event can be a photographer, there is NO Accreditation.

    Malaysian bloggers are mainly a “freidnly” lot and it is heartening that photos taken at Bloggers gatherings have been shared generously with Acknowledgemeent, and the Org Com here hopes that this goodwill tradition will be promoted and continued.

    Afterall, this is a Voluntary One-Off Event and any volunteers in helping promote and cover the event by blogging/pictorial writeups will be welcomed. — Chair

  13. Interesting…anybody frm Miri going?

  14. Yo yo me gonna charge me batts and wear fullface helmet like the Stig just incase some scorpions decides to party crash! LOL…

  15. Not everybody will know each other’s face but everybody has a ‘nick’.

    Name tags?

    I’m sure everybody has a used plastic name holder at home. Recycle and re-use.

    Besides, it’s cost nothing and saves the environment.

  16. A sticker will do. Under own’s voluntarism. No forcing here.

  17. I’ll put KJ on my tag…

  18. Shar101–I dearly wish there are (A)More like thee…I owe thee 12 cuppa of tehtarik…adjourn to Asia Cafe after 11pm May 19?:)

  19. YLC,

    Sounds good but we gotta bring along ‘KJ’ too.

  20. hahaha KJ sure come then…

  21. I attended a function at Sheraton Subang last week and found the parking facilities in the hotel and nearby are hopelessly limited. Many of us had to park along the road leading to LVC. I just wish to caution the gathering that if the “friendly” traffic cops or MPSJ found out that the gathering is about BUM, they might rajin rajin come around to give those parked along the roadside nice “souvenirs” to bring home.

  22. Well, Lake View Club has about 130 parking lots. Just outside the LVC entrance down the slop, there is another open car park which can take 50 cars.

    The event happen at 6:00 pm. If you are early enought, ie. not later than 6:00 pm, you will sure to find a nice place to park.

    Dun worry, I’ll make arrangement for the security guards to take care of those cars parked outside the LVC compound (ie. down the slop parking areas).

    So, you wouldn’t have “sourvenir” (summon) to bring home. :-)

    LCH May 16th, 2007

  23. Desi, Shar101 is ANTI-ANTI-teh tarik….just some sensitive things you need to know about Old Blue Eyes.

  24. For Your Info only ……

    Ong Beng Hee, the M’sian squash star was trained in Lake View Club. His father K.H. Ong is still running the Pro Shop in LVC.

    Restoran Kampung Ku in LVC providing catering services to this event has a website http://www.kampung-ku.com. You may log on to see what you could expect to have for the coming event.

  25. The Wikimapia really kick-a$$! Pile of boxes for your reference.

    Mr.Lee is right, I used to play squash at LVC courts for awhile, Senior Ong can be seen training and guiding future squash stars at LVC squash courts. Those youngsters are amazing, don’t even think about asking for a ‘warm-up’ game, you’ll sufffeeeeeerrrrrrrr.

  26. SeE yOu Guys TheRe..!!!

  27. zorro:

    TQ for thy advice — double negatives mean Shar can be converted to Desi’s +Teatotaller club! + defined as Homo sapiens who drinks Awe teas, plus Miss Sunthi or minus arSENic not withstanding or sitting.

  28. Is there FREE wifi there?

  29. Good question. I bet some would like to blog live from there also. :-)

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